Ernst Urschitz

Systemisches Coaching Urschitz

“Shaping the future!”

Ernst Urschitz

Dipl.-Ing., MBA, HP

Systemisches Coaching

Our world we are living in changes constantly. Sometimes we are confronted with new situations and challenges. It is our decision if and how we go with these changes. Questions like

„where am I standing right now?“, „where and how does it continue?“

and „what is my next step in which direction?”.

With these questions we are confronted in our business as well as our private life.

In these processes I can offer you support and work out together with you cross-linked solutions. I may accompany you during phases of transitions and implementations. According to the specific needs my experience and my competency in management, in systemic constellation work and in human medicine may be useful. In these three worlds I feel at home.

Many years of international experiences in leading positions in various industries give me the background for coaching in Management tasks.

Combining the experience as Systemic Constellation Coach and my own management experience allows me to offer solutions with this combined approach.

Two locations for systemic coaching, constellation work and medical treatments:

Naturheilpraxis Ernst Urschitz Naturheilpraxis Ernst Urschitz
Unertlstraße 16 Stollstraße 9
80803 München 83022 Rosenheim
Tel. 08031 9008171

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